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March 29, 2018 2 min read

We make wallets. We're pretty dang good at it too. In recent years we've seen an increase in people asking for RFID protecting liners in our products. Being a bit of a skeptic, we started poking around to see if there was any legitimacy in people's fears. Well, you might have noticed that we still don't make any wallets with RFID protection and here's why.

RFID wallets are snake oil. We don't waste our materials budget on the stuff, and you shouldn't waste your money on an RFID wallet either. It turns out, a ton of people are paranoid about getting their credit card info stolen by some hyper elite hacker pickpocket that just doesn't exist.  Companies that try to sell these RFID wallets and purses are preying on folks' paranoia. We won't do it, and you shouldn't fall for it either. Honestly, if someone is going to be stealing credit card info there are way easier, and more efficient methods. Now, let's just say you'd rather be the extra cautious type, there's good evidence to suggest that a healthy piece of aluminum foil will protect you just as well.

Buy a wallet because you want it, not because of some bogus scare tactic.

On other topics. We've received a few calls from folks, claiming that some cat is trying to scam fans by claiming to be Anvil Customs via email. Be smart friends. Check the from address. If it isn't or it isn't us. Don't give out any sensitive information via email or phone. We won't ask for your credit card info. If you're afraid someone has stolen your identity talk to your bank, and potentially the authorities.