November 07, 2018 2 min read

Hello, my name is Ryan Wasson aka RyanTheAnvil, owner of Anvil Customs LLC in Springfield, MO.  As recent as November 6, 2018, Missourians voted on the issue of legalizing medical marijuana in Missouri.  Below is a list of informational bullet points regarding the successful passing of Amendment 2.  I write this blog article because of there still being some confusion over this issue.  To start, I think it’s important to note up front that recreational use of marijuana is not legal and you will need to go through your doctor to obtain a legal prescription to use marijuana for your own needs.  Here are a few points of interest on this matter that I compiled from a very credible source,

  •  Purchase Amount:  Missouri to set a limit of not less than 4 ounces of dried marijuana or equivalent in 30-day period (more permitted with written certification from two independent physicians)
  •  Possession Amount:  Missouri to set a limit of not less than a 60-day supply of dried marijuana
  • You can grow marijuana plants at home:  You May grow up to 6 flowering marijuana plants at home. (I do think it’s important to note the wordage of “at home” here.  The use, the possession and the growing of marijuana will only be allowed in your own private setting, at home.)
  • Sales Tax & Revenue beneficiaries:  Missouri to impose a 4% sales Tax, which doesn’t seem like much but will greatly help in the areas that need it such as - healthcare services, job training, housing assistance, and other services for veterans
  • Estimated Annual Government revenue: $24 million
  • Estimated Annual Government costs:  $7 million
  • Local Prohibitions?:  Nope.  Local bans not allowed, but local governments can regulate the location of facilities and dispensaries and the time and manner of their operation.  For example, the number of dispensaries may not exceed more than 24 in each congressional district, based on 2018 boundaries.

Thank you for reading.

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