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October 10, 2018 2 min read

I had a great question from a NEW Anvil Crew member today who messaged me. He was wondering how it all worked as far as ordering an Anvil Wallet. It made me think there might be others who are new or might need direction on How To Order. Here’s what I told him: 

“So, I’m constantly building website orders that come in worldwide. Always making, never ending." 

I also hand tool wallets on my own accord (I choose artwork, colors etc) and then post them up for sale, usually to the website (sometimes they don’t make it there because it sells beforehand via Facebook or Instagram both.) So be sure to Follow me there! 

I also purchase rare, hard to find exotic hides and make wallets from the hides.....post them up and sell them on Facebook, Instagram and website. 

The 10 gator hides I just got in have been posted to the Anvil Crew Page. Guys will pick the color(s) they like, them tell me which wallet style they want. Then I send invoice, they pay it and then I build their wallet(s). 

I don’t wait on guys to order though. I am building wallets right now, many of which have already sold from these hides. {My polite voice: You Snooze, You Lose.} 

It’s a fast pace business I’m in.....luckily I own it & I love it, lol.....it’s great for me, but a ton of work and it never ends. (Hands on making of product is only a portion of what I do, I also run the business which most people can’t begin to understand how big a job that is. Not to mention this whole Social Media vehicle ofadvertising, constantly keeping me on my toes.) 

Once a hide is cut up & used for wallets......it’s gone and I may never find the same color again. So it’s important to hop on & order if you see something you like. 

Lastly, the sooner you place an order, the BETTER CUT of the hide you will get. I start with the ‘heart of the hide’.....the best part, best texture, best scales, best quality.....however you want to call it. (This goes for all exotics: Alligator, Elephant, Camel, Hippo, Snake, etc.)

 Ok, I hope that’s helps, let me know what you think & if you want to place any order.

 I’m ALWAYS listing one off wallets to the website. So keep checking it out too: anvilcustoms.com 

Thank you for considering RyanTheAnvil for your next wallet. My goal is to make you the BEST quality wallet you will ever find & combine that with a sick style that no one else anywhere on this earth has. If you’ve ever owned an Anvil Wallet, then you know the sturdy quality that comes with it.  

I’m lucky to have been doing for the past 13 years and I’m here to tell you I’ll being do this still 13 years from now.....always improving the product. That is my guarantee and I back it with a Lifetime Warranty. Thank you for considering buying an Anvil Wallet. Yours, RTA