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September 23, 2018 2 min read

Sept. 9, 2018, Sunday night myself and 2 buds walking through the casino roll up on this roulette table with a $300 min bet. There 2 players betting $1,000’s per roll. We stuck around and watched for a bit. One of them even started throwing out green $25 chips to the growing crowd around the table. Pit boss got onto him because she didn’t want there to be fights/injuries due to all chips flying around, rolling all over the floor. Out of the 4 rolls, I recorded the 1st and 4th as you see here. The 2nd & 3rd rolls were the best with approx $250,000 & a $450,000 win on #24 which hit twice in row.  


It was quite a sit to see these guys win nearly $1,000,000 combined from those 4 rolls. Just insane, at least I’ve never seen anything like it.  


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Can you guys even believe this roulette session!? INSANE! Cheers everyone!