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January 09, 2018 2 min read

First things first, the new Trifold Design is LIVE! If you're looking for a chain wallet that can hold EVERYTHING this is the one. Seriously, 6 card slots and one giant bill section--Its a beautiful thing.

You might have noticed some changes around the online store. Functionally, the site should perform a lot smoother across the board for you folks. It turns out, lots of products and tons of images for said products doesn't necessarily make a very speedy site, so we've been working on some pretty serious revisions to content. Hopefully the site speed and navigation help improve everyone's experience while the shop. There are a few important changes I wanted to make note of, and more importantly we always welcome your feedback if you find an error or something that just seems flat out wrong.

1.The number of collections has been dramatically reduced. Frankly there were just too many dang tabs in the navigation and it seemed like every couple of months we were adding another collection. So, we slimmed things down into their most simple classification and added them to a drop down menu under the "Shop" tab.

front page with expanded navigation

2. Since we dumbed down the number of collections visible from the main navigation we had to make it easy for you to sort and find the things you're looking for from these more broad collection pages. If you're on a desktop there's now a selection of drop down menus on the left side of the page that will allow you to filter down exactly what you're looking for. If you're on mobile, these filters appear at the top of the page.

tag based navigation filters

It is possible to be too specific with your filters though, so if you're looking for a purple dog collar, we don't make one and you won't find it.