December 28, 2017 2 min read

We owe everything to the greatest customers in the world.

Anvil Customs cannot thank you all enough.

Its because of your dedication we're committed to bringing you all the finest leather chain wallets, belts, wallet chains and oh so so much more. Cheers, to you fantastic people who allow us to do what we truly love to do!

2017 was a busy year, but it was a whole heckuva lot of fun too. We took you through the  process of templating for our new Bifold design, and then we launched the  RyanTheAnvil Collection.

Ryan went to see Metallica  live for the first time, and it might have changed his life. We certainly listened to about every Metallica song on repeat for a month around the shop.

Additionally, Ryan started making some super rad leather chairs . And we can't forget about the Goodnight Knucks! 

2018 has the potential to be another great year for Anvil Customs too. We've got some excellent things to keep your eyes out for as we roll on into the new year. The most exciting thing on the horizon is the official release of the new tri-fold wallet design. It's a thing of beauty trust me, and we'll be putting the specs proper out in the coming weeks.

Currently the shop is a disaster, as we've been installing another 100 square feet of storage for our ever expanding leather collection. More storage means a more organized workshop, and more awesome materials to work with. 

And finally we've been working behind the scenes on a completely new look and feel for the website! Currently the navigation is a bit cluttered, and there are some basic organizational issues that we've been working to resolve. This work is going to provide you all with a much more concise shopping experience, and a screaming fast website to peruse!

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