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September 20, 2016 2 min read

Recently I received an email from a customer who had just opened the package that had arrived after placing an order with Anvil Customs.  In case you're wondering if Anvil Products are worth, well, read what this guy has to say:
"Hello Anvil 
Just wanted to let you know that I have just received my order,  & that I couldn't be more impressed.   
No shit,  I have been looking for this wallet for almost 15 years (I carried trucker-style wallets & chains for 15 years,  & haven't been able to find another GOOD one since the last wore out when I was like 25). 
Well,  I still haven't found a good one; your products are in a word... FANTASTIC!  
I am nothing but a pleb, & therefore have zero knowledge on the subject of handcrafted leather goods,  but damn son... The mats & attention to detail - and pride in your work - are immediately evident even to me. 
I am now 40, & wanted to let you know (for whatever it's worth) that in a small way,  I again feel like kid listening to grunge die,  getting in wreck'd in university & thanking the good Lord that my wallet is chained to my ass as we run from the cops after doing whatever idiot nonsense we shouldn't have been doing at that time... But hey,  no one got hurt  &  kids r dumb. 
Anyway,  sorry for all the words & thanks for more than exceeding my greatest expectations - I'd say you just made a customer for life but I think you screwed yourself as this wallet looks like it will outlast me."
Jeff T.