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September 13, 2019 2 min read

As a continuation of our "Way Too Early" Gift guide for 2019 we'll be covering a few more ideas that we think will make a great gift for your loved ones. In this section we'll be covering some of the more luxurious leather offerings we have available for the person in your life who really deserves the top shelf gift.

The "Way Too Early" Anvil Gift Guide for

Christmas 2019 - Part 2

Part 2: All In

The Exotic Leather Long Wallet - Almost all of our exotic leather long wallets are one of a kind. That means that the person who wears one of these wallets is going to be the only person with it. We use premium cuts of hides like alligator, giraffe, hippo and elephant to make some of the coolest wallets we can fathom. The rarity of the leather we use to make these wallets them higher in price, but if you ask the folks who sport them they'll all say they're worth it. Additionally they come with the Anvil lifetime warranty, so if anything ever happens to it, we'll fix it or replace it as necessary. 

The Trucker Wallet -No other wallet uses the volume of leather these wallets do. They are truly the most spacious, luxurious wallets on the market for someone who likes em' big. 

Motorcycle Solo Seat + Tool Bag - Obviously this piece of equipment is for someone who rides a motorcycle. If that's the person you're shopping for, it might be the perfect gift. Our Motorcycle solo seat is the first thing RyanTheAnvil sold when he was starting Anvil Customs. To that end they're the pride and joy of Anvil Customs to this day. If you know someone who is building a bike, or just looking to up their game a bit then the seats and tool bags we offer here are top of the line.