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August 22, 2019 2 min read

Edit 1/10/20: The Forums on this website weren't really being used the way that we wanted and it opened the door to more spam than we were really interested in dealing with so from now on we'll be running Auctions through the Anvil Crew Facebook Group.

If you've followed Anvil Customs for any length of time you know that we regularly do auctions. Its a fun throwback to the days when RyanTheAnvil was working out his garage and throwing things upon eBay. That being said, business has changed (so has eBay) so we don't do that anymore. Auctions are a great way for us to engage with our most loyal customers and generally it means someone gets something really cool for great price.

Recently there's been some confusion however, as we've been swapping back and forth between running the auctions on the Anvil Crew Facebook Group page, and on our own Anvil Crew Forums through the website. We always want to make it easy for our patrons to effectively participate in these auctions and we've been trying to determine just where the auctions seem to go the smoothest. But after a few months of deliberation it turns out they both seem to work about equal in terms of participation, the only caveat being that some folks want them on the Facebook Group, and others want them on the Website. Both locations have their merits so as a solution we've started to ask ourselves "Why not both?" 

Starting next week Anvil Customs will begin running dedicated auctions on both platforms, depending on the day of the week. Simply put, Monday Auctions will be held on the Anvil Crew Facebook Group and Wednesday Auctions will be held on the Anvil Crew Forum through the website. We'll generally be offering a variety of items on both days to give people a choice of things to bid on. Luckily its very easy to get access to both sets of auctions. If you have a store account you can simply log into the forums on the website that way. And if you'd like to join the Anvil Crew Facebook Group just ask.

Occasionally we might hold auctions in other places, such as on the Facebook Business page or Instagram (Keep your eyes peeled) but a reliable auction will be held every Monday and Wednesday.