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August 27, 2019 2 min read

If you're one of those people who is "on it" and typically knows how to "get things done" I commend you. Its entirely likely that you're already preparing your holiday gift purchases, so I thought I'd take a moment to share with you some fine ideas that we currently have available that make excellent gifts. You probably wouldn't be surprised to know that *most* people don't have the foresight to plan this far in advance. Again, kudos to you. As a company that makes things pretty much to order that "last minute" gift purchasing routine is a lot tougher to accommodate as it gets closer to Christmas time. So without further ado, behold may we present to you:

The 2019 "Way Too Early" Anvil Gift Guide

Part 1: Ol' Reliable

If you're new to Anvil Customs you might hesitate to spend $300 - $500 on a fancy exotic leather wallet. Hey we get that. Perhaps its best to just ease into what we have to offer. The good news is we have a broad selection of cowhide products that are seriously tough, have a lifetime warranty, and are made with every bit of love that our more exotic leather products are crafted with. 

Sarasota Wallet If you're going to purchase one thing from Anvil Customs it might as well be the Sarasota Wallet. This wallet is perfect for the casual outing, and an excellent choice for someone who prefers not to carry an enormous wad of cash and cards. Like everything we make, they start out a little stiff, because of the high quality leather we use. But after about 3 weeks of regular usage they break in supremely well. People that sport this wallet will tell you its a great go-to for everyday carry. Plus at under $100, its well worth the scratch. And hey, if its your first Anvil purchase, we'll give you 20% just for signing up to our newsletter.

Long Biker Leather Chain WalletImagine a clean, crisp stack of bills sitting sitting in your back pocket. Chances are you don't want that money wandering off without your consent. Enter the chain wallet. Oh and cards? No problem. The long biker wallet from Anvil Customs is the perfect carry for someone who needs to carry plenty of stuff. Plus you get to pair it with a sharp looking wallet chain, which of course we make too ;)

Leather Belt - The leather belts that we make are not only a great gift for whoever receives them, but their grandchildren too. They're literally a gift that keeps on giving. That's because the leather belts we make are substantial, and extremely high quality. A belt is not a particularly complex object, but we make sure to take every conceivable facet and crank it up to 11 in terms of how nice it can be. We make sure every belt such that it will withstand decades of abuse, and should any malign event damage your belt we'll fix it or replace it... end of story.

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