RyanTheAnvil Leather Conditioner

Keep your Anvil Customs Leather chain wallets, Anvil Leather Belts, leather sandals, leather messenger bags, leather trays, and all your custom leather swag cleaned & conditioned!  I'll leave the directions to my main man, Mr. Myagi:  "Wax on, Wax off"

Prolong the life of all your Anvil Leather Goods by adding a bottle of RyanTheAnvil Leather Conditioner to your cart cheers everyone!

  • 2 fl. Oz Bottle
  • Works best on cowhide and most exotics
  • One of these bottles should last a good while. Over conditioning your leather goods can actually harm the fibers of the leather, weakening its durability. Use sparingly.
  • Not necessary for suede-type materials. If the leather is nubuck, or features a soft ever-so-fuzzy texture (like hippo) then there's no need to use conditioner on it.
  • Read our Blog on How To Take Care of your new Anvil Wallet