22 Inch 3 In 3 Chain Mail Wallet Chain

22 Inch Chain; The 3 In 3 Weave is a simple, very sturdy chainmaille weave. These wallet chains are flexible, not overly complex looking but still quite stylish and have a superior strength construction.
  • Choose Clasps: 
    • 2 White Brass Lucky Horseshoe Clasps
    • 1 White Brass Lucky Horseshoe Clasp + 1 Stainless Steel D-Shackle
    • 1 White Brass Lucky Horseshoe Clasp + 1 Jewelers Grade Polished Stainless Steel Key Ring
  • Length varies slightly depending on clasp choice. 22 in. maximum length with 2 Lucky Horseshoe clasps, 20 in. minimum length with Lucky Horseshoe + Key Ring
  • Signature RTA Tag
  • Leather Loop Belt Attachmentcan be purchased separately here if desired.

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