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December 16, 2019 3 min read

We're going to go to the chalkboard for this one. Because maybe you've never thought to ask. What's the difference between a "bifold" and a "trifold?" Why do they call it a bifold if it only folds one time?  These are truly the great philosophical questions of our time. Fret not, we're here to help!

Obviously, with the new generation 4 wallet designs rolling out across the website we thought we'd refresh and do some clarification on some of the definitions we use when we talk about wallets. Notice I said "some" in that last sentence. I'm not responsible for defining the ridiculous words you might hear RyanTheAnvil say on social media. That being said there are a few that you might find useful. So, here we go:

Billfolds are Wallets. Typically they are the type of wallet that folds, at least once before it goes into your pocket. There are other wallets, that fall into a category of "Pocket Wallets," which to me has always seemed silly because frankly all wallets are designed to go into a pocket. That's just sort-of how they work. But I digress, "Pocket Wallets" typically don't fold. Our 3 Card Slot wallets are a good example of this. Billfolds, on the other hand, would include our Bifold Chain Wallets, Trifold Chain Wallets, Long Biker Chain Wallets, and Trucker Trifold Wallets.

So Billfolds are a Category of Wallets, but then we have to look at the distinct types of Billfolds we offer. Right? Right. We currently have 4 major types of wallet styles. The bifold, the long biker, the trifold, and the trucker trifold. Each of these has a unique style and you may prefer one over the other.

Bifolds are straight forward leather wallets with a single fold. They offer a couple of card slots and a chain attachment. Almost all of the wallets you'll find her at Anvil Customs are Chain Wallets.

Trifold wallets are slightly more bulky than a bifold, as they fold twice. This extra surface area gives us plenty of room to implement more card slots which people tend to have the most of these days. The good news is that all of our wallets use high-quality leather so you won't have to worry about the card slots getting all stretched out and loose.

Long Wallets are a classic go-to for bikers and cowboys. They keep your bills flat and your cards safe. Stick it in your pocket or in your boot. The best part about the long wallets is that they have a broad surface area on the exterior to show off custom tooling, personalized phrasing or the natural quality of an exotic hide. 

Trucker Trifolds are the ultimate wallet in terms of carrying capacity. Originally designed to keep handbills safe, these wallets feature over-sized bill sections and a slew of card slots. They still fit nice and snug in your back pocket and they do come with a chain attachment, but they make a mighty fine breast wallet too.

So there you have it! A quick rundown of what actually those words mean when we're talking about wallets around here. Just don't ask why a bifold wallet only has one fold... still don't have a good answer for you on that one.

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