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January 13, 2020 4 min read

We make exceptional belts. It is true. You might say, "well of course you would say that." But time and time again our belts have proven to be superior than just about anything on the market. But what makes them better you ask? Let me take a moment to share some of the particulars.

Weight: Leather comes from an animal, and just like every person is different so is every animal. During the tanning process tanneries do their best to keep hides uniform in weight. At least the good ones do. But once the leather is in the Anvil workshop it still might vary in quality slightly from hide to hide. Additionally the section we pull the belt strip from has to be a uniform weight it's entire length. That way you don't get a belt that's even slightly thinner and more likely to stretch over a few inches. We are particular about the hides we choose to become belts. We look and feel every strip to ensure that it is adequate to become an Anvil Belt.

To avoid that inconsistency most cheap belts you find are comprised of a plastic strip that is then covered with a super thin veneer of leather on either side. They sell it as a "leather belt" but the structural elements of those cheap belts are cheap plastic. And the sad part is that leather is going to wear through, and that plastic is going to stretch, and then you have belt that's more akin to a ribbon than anything else.

Stitching: There are two reasons to stitch a belt. Either it's composed of 2 or more layers, or it's decorative. It's worth noting that not all of our belts are stitched. Our classic variety leather belt is simply made of a hearty strip of leather and doesn't actually need any stitching. We do however offer a contrast stitched belt that has a decorative white stitching. What we don't do is stitch plastic between two layers of leather. And the stitching we do use is heavy duty which always adds to the strength of the belt. In the case of our Gun Belts, we use two of our tough belt strips and stitch those together to create a belt that is practically indestructible. Even on our exotic belts we add stitching to ensure that the integrity of the belt is never compromised. If you're going to spend good money on a belt we're going to do everything in our power to make it look great and also last a really really long time.

Hardware: The sturdy leather we use wouldn't mean diddly squat if we didn't use high quality hardware to go with it. At the end of the day if your buckle breaks your belt stops being a belt. We only use solid stainless steel or brass buckles. These buckles look great and are uncomplicated. There's no extra fancy business that is likely to break. Just good, solid metal. But hey if you have your own buckle that's fine too. We use heavy duty snaps, not rivets to attach the buckle so that you can swap them out as you see fit.

Sizing: We tailor our belts. Every place you've bought a belt probably has a different way of sizing belts which can be confusing and misleading. We take the KISS(Keep it simple, stupid) method to heart here. When you buy a belt from us we'll tell you to order your pant's waist size and we'll do the rest. You don't have to make it any more complicated than that. If you know what your waist size is we'll do the adjustments on our end and ship you a belt that fits. By default we offer even numbered pant sizes from 28 all the way up to 48. Which gives you a couple inches on either side of the center belt hole to adjust your belt. That being said, if you lose a bunch of weight and want us to size your belt down don't be afraid to contact us. We're more than happy to add some new holes, or if you're the do-it-yourself type consider picking up one of these leather hole punches. On the flip side of that, if you're needing a belt larger than waist size 48 send us a message. We can work with you to make a larger belt. We understand how important a good belt is and we want to make sure everyone has something they can be happy with regardless of their waste size.

Details: The belts we offer are 1.5" wide. That gives us room to customize those belts with various lettering or artworks for folks who are looking for something a little more unique. Additionally we take the time to edge our belts on our 1940s line finisher and wax them to give every part of the belt a high quality look and feel.

The Warranty: So after all of that we're pretty confident in our belts. Which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on them. Our belts are built tough, and stylish. We don't do any fancy gimmicks or tricks to make them anything other than what they are...a hearty strip of leather (or two) and some quality metal hardware. 

Everyone can use a belt from Anvil Customs. That's a fact. It'll be your favorite belt too. A handmade, premium belt from an American Small Business with a lifetime warranty is absolutely the best type of belt you can buy.