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March 23, 2020 2 min read

For quite some time we've considered doing a photo contest. Things as they are we figured now might not be a bad time to give that a shot. We might be a bit biased but we think the products we make are particularly photogenic. Folks frequently take photos of their current loadouts and carries. Some people go the extra mile and really make the scene shot look great. Ryan is really good at sharing those over on his Instagram(which you should totally follow for the antics alone) but we are constantly impressed with how creative and fun some of the photos people share with us are. The #notstaged gets thrown around quite a bit on the Anvil Crew page as a sort-of tongue and cheek joke about the lengths some folks go to get just the right shot of their stuff. We figured we'd take a moment and have a fun community driven contest to encourage people to get out and take some great shots and hopefully have a little fun in the process. OH! And did I mention we're giving away $$$ to the website? First, Second, and Third place prizes will be rewarded with $500, $300, $100 Gift certificates respectively for use here at Anvilcustoms.com.

How's It Work?

First we need submissions. SO get out there, get clever and creative and take a photograph that focuses on some of your sweet Anvil Gear. Pick your favorite piece, or maybe build a giant tower of your glorious Anvil Collection... We want to see it! Once you've got a gem of a pic you need to submit it! To submit go to Anvilcustoms.com/photo-contest . There you'll find all of the contest rules and a link to a Google Form (or email) where you can send us your submission! Submissions are open until April 20! Once we have all the photos, Ryan, Mike and I will curate our top 25 favorites. Of those 25, We'll create a ballot where all of you guys can vote for the best ones right here at AnvilCustoms.com! We'll tally the votes, and on May 4 we'll announce the winners and hand out prizes! 

Now... What are you waiting for? GO FORTH!!!