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March 31, 2020 2 min read

Creativity is something that we're all very passionate about here at Anvil Customs. Normally the three of us are in the shop together throwing around ideas but with the quarantine we can't really do things we normally would. Or at least we can't do them in the way we normally would.

If you follow RTA on Instagram you'll know that he's still going to the shop on a regular basis. He and Mocha are holding down the fort making stuff. If you find yourself in need of a laugh you should head over to his Instagram and watch his stories on the regular. You might think that the quarantine is getting to him but honestly he's pretty goofy on the regular. You'll also see him currently constructing a few unique, exotic wallets and belts. Frankly, if you want something really rad it's generally a good idea to check the Instagram daily. Ryan makes a ton of stuff that never even makes it to the website. Ryan is also still running Anvil Auctions over on the Anvil Leather Crew Facebook Group so you can chance to win an auction item or group of items at a really affordable price.

Right before we got sent on the Quarantine Ryan came up with an idea to make a very cool, very limited selection of Quarantine Edition Wallets which will be revealed in the coming days... But first they have to be tooled and assembled which is actually what Mike is working on from his home during all this business. Mike left us a teaser in our group chat yesterday that we wish we could show you... but you gotta be cool and patient folks. You'll be glad you did.

I, Nathen, handle a bunch of the technical web flavored parts of Anvil Customs and as such, can handle a significant part of my job remotely. We're still running sales and posting new items as Ryan and Mike get them finished so you can still look forward to some hot and crispy content here and across our various social media outlets. OH and lest I forget... we're still having a photography contest! You can win big cash discounts on your next purchase by participating! Just head on over to AnvilCustoms.com/photo-contest to learn more!

So, business as usual-ish during our Quarantine Days. Sometimes the creativity comes when you least expect it. These days of social distancing can provide us with a surplus of time to really get cogs spinning. And hopefully, with a little luck and perseverance we'll all be able to return to the shop proper and get back to crushing it every week like we have been for 15 years.

Be Safe, Be Cool, Be Healthy friends!